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Leading UK provider of professionally designed & expertly delivered online, virtual and onsite RN courses in Preoperative Assessment. Our Preoperative Assessment Courses are designed and delivered by Lee Wadsworth, who is the leading clinical trainer in the UK . Lee co-authored National Training Standards and Competencies for Preoperative Assessment in 2014 and 2019. These standards and competencies are ratified and used internationally. He is a frequent conference speaker and also faciltitates cliniical skills workshops. This course can be delivered over 2-3 days depending on whether organisations want to include the Advanced Preoperative Assessment skills which include Cardiovascular and Respiratory Assessment. The two day foundation course provides a good introduction to Preoperative Assessment for qualified Nurses and Nurses working in the private sector.

Courses are Available:

ONLINE - for individual members of staff with 3 months access to online course materials.

CPD MODULE - for groups of staff via Zoom virtual classroom with optional 3 months access to online course materials and optional development of a bespoke educational platform to help meet service improvement and organisational development needs. CPD modules are scheduled on a regular bases, upcoming dates can be found via the links above.

Learning Outcomes for Foundation & Advanced Courses

  • Understanding of models & types of Preoperative Assessment.

  • The importance of the specialised knowledge and skill-set required.

  • An understanding how lifestyle can affect health and outcomes from anaesthesia & surgery. Understands the role of primary care with regard to the public health agenda.

  • Gain up-to-date knowledge in Medicines Management and applying this in practice.

  • Be able to take an objective Preoperative Assessment history.

  • Assessing baseline observations and taking the appropriate action if required.

  • Gain knowledge and skills in performing a Neck & Airway Assessment.

  • Learn how to calculate a STOPBANG score and therefore manage patients with possible Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

  • Be able to apply National Guidance (if available) & the evolving evidence-base to the requesting of Preoperative Investigations.

  • Have the ability to assess basic haematology and biochemistry results.

  • Effectively "triage" ECGs by applying a check-list so that any gross abnormalities can be addressed by the medical team prior to admission.

Advanced Preoperative Assessment Course

  • Understanding of the process of the Cardiovascular assessment i.e. Inspection & Auscultation

  • Can recognise a heart murmur from audio initially and then an actual patients in practice with the guidance of their mentor.

  • Can differentiate between 2 heart sounds and 3 sounds on audio.

  • Gain an understanding of the process of Respiratory Assessment i.e. Inspection, Palpation & Auscultation

  • Can recognise normal sounds from abnormal sounds i.e. crepitations, wheeze, rhonchi etc .

  • An understanding of when it might be appropriate to request/perform spirometry.

  • An understanding of the new regulations that are coming into place in 2021.

  • Can differentiate between a normal result, obstructive & restrictive by assessing numbers, time volume curves and flow volume loops.

  • Increase understanding of Echocardiograms and how to interpret the information they offer.


Brilliant informative course. Tutors really knowledgeable and inspiring, a must for all pre op nurses. Thank you to Andrew and Lee

Joanne, Preop Nurse - Jul 11, 2023